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BUY Fabric Face Masks

They are done and ready for sale. Check out our inventory of Fabric Face Masks.

While times have been tough and slow for us at work, we switched gears a bit to help sustain us though the global pandemic. We started sewing fabric face masks and you can purchase them directly from our website. Just go to the FACEMASKS page and place your order. Each mask is $15.

Our face masks are made from 100% cotton and muslin with adjustable ties. Currently, we only have adult sized face masks. Since elastic is hard to come by, we made ours with cotton string. The adjustable cotton string works better since every persons head is different size and this allows you to adjust the size and comfort of the mask. Our face masks are NOT a substitute for the N95 mask, nor are they FDA, surgically, or medically approved. Our masks are to help protect you from spreading germs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CDC encourages you to wear a face mask in public to get gas, groceries, etc. We encourage wearing a mask to help reduce the spread of the Corona Virus. The more we can reduce the spread, the faster we can all minimize the spread and hopefully, get back to normal life.

For every face mask you purchase, $1 will be donate to the Help At Your Door Organization. We all have elderly loves ones in our lives, so this foundation is a perfect match since our staff's families are elderly. Additionally, you can donate to our GoFundMe page. Our goal is to raise $5000 to assist with the survival of our team members, their families, and general necessities to keep our business up and running. We THANK YOU in advance for any and every donation you make.

No one is sure how long the pandemic will last, but we'll keep making face masks as along as there is a demand and the supplies are available. CONTACT US if you have any questions.

Be Safe and stay healthy.


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