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Top Q and A's

What size events have you’ve planned?

We have planned intimate events for 20 guests to

600+ person multi-day events.


How do you price your fees?

All of our pricing is customized to suit your specific needs and services are tailored to overall logistics, number of venues, guest count, etc. A complimentary consultation is required to determine the Client’s needs and planner fee.


What separates you from other planners?

Our staff is intricately involved in every aspect from the planning to managing the wedding/event.  Our engineering background gives us a technical and logistical approach to planning while being hands-on with every detail. While focusing on ethnic weddings for over a decade, we are Minnesota’s most experienced South Asian wedding planner.


Should I hire a Wedding/Event Planner?

Yes!!  Everyone regardless of the budget should seek a wedding planner. Ask yourself some important questions.

  1. Would you perform surgery on yourself?

  2. Would you represent yourself in court?

As strange as it may seem to compare a wedding planner to a doctor or a lawyer, the premise is pretty much the same.

A planner can protect you from hiring a company that may not be as professional as they claim to be. They can save money for the couple by referring reputable vendors already screened by the planner.  In most cases vendors directly referred from the planner will offer perks or discounts for using their services…

which helps offset some of the planner’s fee. Most importantly – having a planner ensures that everyone attending the wedding or event should be able to enjoy every moment!

DON'T on your wedding day...

DON’T forget to hire a wedding planner.

They can be your lifesaver. Simply put – their best interest is YOU… and not the venue, your to-be in-laws, and so on.


DON’T forget to eat and drink.

We mean in a healthy manner, not drinking wine to reduce stress.

Maintaining a well balanced and regular diet while hydrating your self before and during the wedding day is the best practice.  Water alone is one of the best sources for hydration, skin,

and balance.


DON’T spend the entire day on your phone.

All of your guests will be taking photos and sharing via social media. Your wedding planner will be answering all the calls to manage the wedding.

Unplugged = wedding enjoyment.


DON’T tackle too big or too many DIY projects.

Wedding schedules always sneak up on you.  Seven months before… sure you had enough time to sew placemats for each place setting.  Then work got in the way + a couple holidays and now it’s the week of the wedding and you only have 23 of them done.  Need I say more?!


DON’T take your guest list lightly.

Prioritize!!!  Family, friends, co-workers... you get the idea.  Just make sure you are inviting people who have been there or will be there in the future.  Don't invite the co-worker you met two months ago or let your parents invite their book club.  Remember, each person costs you an average of $130/person/plate.

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