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Minneapolis enforces mandatory face masks

As the pandemic continues, the numbers of positive Covid-19 cases and deaths are alarming! Since large group gatherings are non-existent, the wedding industry is at a standstill. We continue to exert our energy to making cloth face masks to protect the public while supporting our income during these stressful times.

Did you know Minneapolis is enforcing everyone to wear a face mask in public buildings and settings? Howa re they going to enforce it? Check out this ARTICLE about policies, etc. Businesses could turn you away, you could face a fine of up to $1000, or even a misdemeanor if you're caught without a face mask. You can bet that St. Paul and other metro cities will follow suit and begin to mandate the use of face masks in all public buildings.

Not sure where to buy a face mask? Buy your face mask online at our sister site: Face Masks MN

Our face masks are double-layered with 100% cotton and come in two styles. With 30+ fabric patterns to select from, you can remain stylish and protect yourself and others against the Corona Virus. By following the CDC guidelines, we can minimize and stop the spread of the Corona Virus one mask at a time.

We support wearing face masks and hope you do your part to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Additionally, with your purchase, we will be donating masks and a portion of proceeds to those working on the front lines of Covid-19. Protection is not an option... it's a necessity!



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