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owner, designer, consultant

From a young age, Anna has been building, organizing and planning everything in front of her.

A bit OCD, perfection and order are staples in every aspect of her life.  With her degree in architecture and a former career in engineering, Anna confronts event planning with a technical and structural approach.  This along with her construction savviness separates her from other planners. Equally left and right-brained, Anna will create an artistic and luxurious event while organizing the structure, logistics, and details.

Born in South Korea and raised in Minnesota, Anna’s two cultures have inspired her to specialize in ethnic weddings and celebrations.  Each of her events is custom tailored while reflecting the individual personalities and style of her Clients.  Her extraordinary organizational skills and attention to detail are unparalleled.  Anna is known for her energetic work ethic which governs both her professional and personal life.   


In her spare time, Anna loves to do construction projects, play softball, cook, and play with her nephews.  Anna enjoys hosting family gatherings and producing masterful meals for holidays and celebrations.


Anna’s wedding accomplishments have been published in the Knot Minnesota, MSP Weddings, MN Bride, Wedding Planner Magazine, Lavender, Junebug Weddings, Essence, and Maharani Weddings.

What annual event would you attend every year?

The MLB World Series


If you could witness any historical event, what would it be?

Building the Great Wall of China – it’s a construction masterpiece.


What is your favorite wedding movie or scene?

Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.  Transforming frogs, true love, cartoon animation (old school

style) ... I love Disney!



business director

Casey has worked alongside Anna for many years. Her sincere personality and precise attention to detail provide the assurance that clients expect.  With experience in hospitality, Casey brings

behind-the-scenes knowledge to the S. Asian Wedding team and thrives in the fast-paced environment during wedding events.  Her extensive international travels have broadened the S. Asian Wedding's cultural repertoire.


In addition to her event experience, Casey’s background in marketing, entrepreneurship, and management provides balance to the procedures and ethics for the company.  As the Business Director, Casey constantly seeks new opportunities in partnerships for the business.

Her exceptional multitasking skills and calm managerial approach are an enormous asset to the operations of the company.


Casey loves traveling, international cuisines, and anything sweet.

What annual event would you attend every year?

The Royal Ascot


If you could witness any historical event, what would it be?

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's wedding, 1840.


What is your favorite wedding movie or scene?

Father of the Bride (1991).  Simply classic.



senior planner

Mai Lor has been at Anna’s side since 2006. Arriving in the event world with no previous experience, Mai Lor has become a seasoned, full-service event planner.  She shines in the wedding industry and accommodates Client’s needs with her composed disposition and get-it-done attitude.


Utilizing her background in fashion and art, Mai Lor creates events with a polished style while incorporating fabrics, textures, and unique materials.  Business savvy at her day job allows her to manage and conduct the logistics of the planning weddings.  Her serene approach to every aspect of planning process allows her to create a seamless planning process for her clients.


Mai Lor is a volunteer in the Hmong community, loves fashion, and is married with three kids.


If you could keep five possessions, what would they be?

My iPhone, car, and my three kids


What annual event would you attend every year?

The Grammy's


What famous couple's wedding would you attend?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle



event assistant

Eva has worked in the hospitality industry for many years.  Having worked numerous positions in the restaurant industry, she is acclimated to working under intense situations in a fast-paced environment.  Multitasking and time management are just a few strengths Eva brings to the S. Asian Wedding team.  Eva thrives during the wedding preparation and loves seeing our couples enjoy the celebration.


She continues to work in the restaurant industry and at a local preschool with children.


When she’s not working, Eva loves to travel, read, and play with her nieces and nephews.


If I could keep 5 possessions, they would be?

My teddy bear, purple jeweled necklace, bachelor's degree, Polaroid camera, and wedding ring.


If you could witness any historical event, what would it be?

The arrival of the first Hmong people to America and their experiences.


What annual event would you attend every year?

Notte Bianca in Italy

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